How Grounding Creates Success in Your Business

Even if you don’t believe in the woo woo stuff

Photo by Matthew Ronder — Grounding (Unsplash)

How grounding creates success in your business was once a true mystery for me, as well as for many others, I am sure. But I have grown so much wiser.

Since 2014 I have been passionate about helping women create wealth for themselves, personally as well as in business. In that particular order. Once I was one of the many who suffered from stress and anxiety. I wondered if there was another way to success other than hustling and working hard many hours.

How Grounding Creates Success

As a yoga teacher I find grounding perfectly natural as part of doing yoga. But it was only when I began practicing yoga every morning, and therefore grounded myself as part of that practice that I discovered the surprising and fantastic payoffs.

When you ground yourself as part of your meditation or yoga, you are 100% present in your body (see exactly how you do further below). You are able to feel your body and what it is telling you. It is all about calmness and gut feelings, also known as intuition.

Your intuition always has your best interest in mind. That is why it is nowhere to be seen when you are pushing yourself too hard or doing things your higher self cannot approve of. An example could be that you are struggling to get more customers and sales. Maybe because your bank account is about to dry out and you therefor force yourself to do stuff you normally would never do. I know I have been there…

Intuition is a gift we all have. But only if we slow down an listen. Slowing down and staying calm are both prerequisite to get clarity on finding your path of success — in business or elsewhere.

The Problem in a Nutshell

Most of us actually live far too much in our heads overthinking and complicating things. This means that we are not in the body. Therefor we cannot feel it and know what it wants to tell us until we are forced to listen when it shouts at us and hurts in some way.

So that is not how grounding creates success for us. In actuality, grounding is not possible when we let us seduce of our thoughts, ideas or impulses from others or situations.

Oh, that mind is racing fast. All those ideas. Which one is the right one…? and you end up jumping forth and back not knowing what to do.

When you are stressed out or confused there can be no clarity, no realistic planning — no success. Also when you do not act, the feelings that your thoughts create get sort of stuck in your body.

This is because your thoughts are supposed to lead to feelings that you are supposed to act on. But you do not. So, you get stuck. And the whole thing ends up becoming (more) mental noise that stresses you even more out.

That’s when we begin saying bad things about ourselves. Such as: “you never finished anything”, or “you are too stupid to act on your dream”, or “you are just like the rest of the hobby-entrepreneurs that never create anything”. I am sure you have your favorite inner critic hit-me-on-the-head remarks.

Not Rocket Science

Have you ever noticed that people we find inspiring, charismatic or just like to follow seem so easy to connect with? Their gaze is direct. It feels like they talk to you. They are not spaced out in some way or use long, overly difficult words. They are present, down to earth and easy to understand.

Often animals and children like them. Because they are “home”, present, in their body. Just think of Wayne Dyer, for instance. His words carry a lot of wheight and are always taken seriously. Millions of people all over the world follow his teachings. It is truly hard to find a more down to earth and wholesome person.

To be grounded in this way gives you all you need to be purpose driven and authentic.

As entrepreneurs and business owners this is exactly what we want to reach our customers and make a difference. Furthermore, is not difficult. You just need to be yourself and be present.

Grounding Creates Success — This is What You Get!

What is your definition of success?

My definition is to do what I love to do. Serving my clients to do well for themselves in business without selling themselves short (of neither money, nor health). My wish is to earn enough to live well and happy with my family.

As I have worked on myself over the years, I am really down to only a few true desires. My wishes are fewer but more sincere and thus more motivating. All the simpler to go for.

During the summer I have begun a new morning routine which includes grounding. It really is the most nourishing start of my day. I feel the energy and positivity stretches a long way into the day. As a result, my days are more productive and fun — with no hustling. How much better than that can it be?

This is spiritual leadership for business when it is best.

These are some of the blessings you may experience when your daily practice includes grounding

  • Calmness of mind and body
  • Access to your intuition and more clarity
  • An open heart
  • Your customers connect more easily because they trust you
  • Higher productivity without the hard work
  • A more fun working day and life.

Grounding Creates Success — This is How You Do It

This is actually so easy that I sometimes wonder why I didn’t do this before! For example, when I started my business in the spring of 2014. I could have saved myself a lot of hustling. But of course, it is so easy to look back.

My morning routine begins with yoga and a light grounding, then meditation with grounding. After that I write in my journal because I get a lot of “downloads” of what to do next in my business. I follow this guiding no matter how strange the advice may be. The whole thing takes about an hour but if you just ground for five minutes you are already doing great and are so much ahead of many others.

Your New Routine Could Look Something Like This

  • Do yoga or some light exercise to warm up the body or go for a brisk walk in the fresh air.
  • Sit down in a chair, upright but relaxed, feet on the floor, hands in your lab.
  • Take a couple of deep breaths and relax into the breathing.
  • Draw your attention to behind your eyes into the middle of your head at the pineal gland or the third eye. Feel the strength.
  • When you breathe in, envision that you breathe in strength into your body.
  • When you breathe out, imagine that you send that strength all the way down to the tailbone, the root chakra area.
  • Now imagine that you grow roots from your feet and hips deep into the earth and anchor yourself in Mother Earth.
  • Allow yourself to receive back her gift of energy to you. Let it ascend all the way up to Solar Plexus.
  • Now feel all the energy in your body and notice that you sit heavier in the chair. Notice that you are all present in your body and that you are more relaxed.
  • Experience how you are leaning into the spine. Leaning into life so to speak.
  • Now continue sending the energy further up to the heart, throat, pineal and crown chakra. All the way up to the Universe.
  • Allow that you receive the energy of compassion back from the Universe.
  • Enjoy the feeling of earth energy and universe energy “join forces” in your heart and solar plexus area.
  • When you are in this state, you may ask your intuition and higher self anything you like.

As with everything else, training and listening is important. Be patient. It will come in a very short while.

This is a very feminine kind of leadership and way of building your business. Still, when you have received the guidance you need, you must act on it. Action is the only way to manifest your dream.

Photo by Julia Casado — Well (Pixabay)

Grounding is Your Well of Fortune

There really is no limit to what guidance you may hoist out of this personal well of fortune of yours.

You see, you are not a body with a soul. It is the other way around. If you have trouble standing your grounds, stand up for what you believe in or just say no when you mean no — then you are probably not really present.

On the other hand, when you are grounded and present, you will find it hard not to stand your grounds and not to speak your truth.

This is a vital part of running a business. You need to get out there. You need to show what you stand for so your customers can connect to who you are and follow you.

When they do, you do not need to be the sleezy salesperson. You do not need to panic about what to sell next. Because you will readily tell your truth about your mission and what you think is important.

So, your customers will find you.

Sure, you will probably need to make videos, advertise etc. but your purpose will lead and guide you. Your purpose and mission becomes more important than any shyness or whatever excuses your ego may have.

This is the reason why grounding creates success.



Mastercoach, spiritual, mother, business owner, yogateacher. I help especially women create wealth for themselves in business the feminine way. We need it.

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